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Does your freight forwarder perform the risk calculation of your shipment?

If your company ships products internationally to different countries and markets, you probably have faced unpleasant situations in which things did not go as expected.  

How often did you experience delays or extra costs causing a lack of satisfaction to the end customers? 

You may have been surprised that whoever designed the transport didn’t take into consideration backup actions or alternative situations to propose to you in case the problem arose. 

After all, you had accepted the services of an international shipping expert, so you would have expected this thing to have been part of the service received. 


The international logistics world today is hectic and full of an unexpected events, and carefully planning every possible situation is essential to reduce the risk of an unsavoury ending to a shipment. 

Close collaboration between the company and the forwarder is fundamental right from the start, in a real alliance that we call shipment co-planning.

This approach allows us to evaluate and analyse the scenario at 360 degrees and to minimize the possible cases that can interfere with our design of the ideal expedition scenario. 

There is no zero-risk shipping. However, considering the probability that some events may occur and the impact they cause on the success of the shipment, it is possible to reduce the risk and determine a minimum risk, a residual risk.  

We are equally aware that proposing a more complex solution with higher performance can raise the shipping price. Therefore, sometimes it makes no sense to eliminate risks because it would be too complicated and expensive.  

For that reason, it is essential to organize the shipment in advance, design with the customer the most likely scenario the transport will have to face and develop any corrective actions to be triggered when unforeseen events occur, if there is a need. 

This type of planning shouldn’t be carried out for all the shipments because it will lead to higher costs or to spend more time and energy fine-tuning the shipping plan.

There are cases in which shipments are repetitive or, in any case, do not present a particular risk. Consequently, the residual risk that remains is acceptable. Therefore, we can proceed with much more simplicity and with much more traditional services at a lower cost. 

Entrust a freight forwarder for all your shipments and you will no longer have problems understanding which transports are a high or low-impact risk. 

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 You will always be in good hands, from the beginning  


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