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Find the new way to approach shipping

Discover the added services Plan@Program can offer to you and your shipments, changing the game for all your projects, big and small


No transport is free from Risk, be it about extra costs, tardiness or even damage to the cargo.
Plan@Risk, a platform for the calculation of the residual risk in shipping, is a tool that offers you a preview of the critical issues and the serenity of having them handled accordingly before you shipments departs.

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Plan@Quote is the service Punto System has developed for your standard shipments, both airfreight and LCL seafreight. The online service shows you instant quotations for destinations all over the world, 24/7, and gives you the possibility to request booking right away, choosing between 3 different services: standard, premium or a promo offer

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Plan@Connect is the management dashboard for your shipments that Punto Systems custom makes for you, so that you can interact with us anytime, always in the loop of information about your shipments.
We offer you and your contacts an easy and intuitive mode of communication with us, to share informations quickly, in a sure way and without any effort.

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