Punto System Group

We specialize in these sectors:

Our experience provides us great knowledge of the specific challenges hidden behind your cargo, so we can tailor the service for what you need.




Concrete Modules

" Experience has to pass through the mistakes of the past. "

Mario Gorgò

Operative Machinery

With the detailed knowledge of the machinery, we can run the shipment with a great degree of success, staring with the limitations to the handling of the cargo and taking into account all the issues that may arise in order to have complete control over the transport in all of its phases, spare parts and accessories included, like the very long Kelly bars. This enables Punto System to offer an added consulting service, beyond the transport, on the best way to ship your machinery.

Microtunelling sector

We have detailed knowledge of the great necessity of timeliness in case of emergency and for this reason we are at your disposal to deliver what you need as soon as possible, avoiding a stop to the perforation process.

General Contractors

General Contractors often face peculiar challenges in the logistic management: since they have a great diversity in the type of goods they have to ship, the logistic process also needs to be flexible and in accordance with the specific needs of each supply, so that everything will be delivered at the time scheduled. Punto System has been managing complex projects in different modes of transportation for many years, always following attentively the project plan.

Prefabricated Concrete Modules sector

Regarding the concrete modules sector, thanks to the many projects we have completed during the years, we have acquired intimate knowledge of the needs of this kind of goods, often times very heavy and in need of a particular handling and fastening to avoid damage. This experience has enabled us to design an efficient integrated logistic service, between road, rail, air and sea freight, with a dynamic handling of the fluxes in accordance with the needs of the installation sites.

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